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Unlike what we understood in the past, medicine is a science in constant evolution; so in my opinion a doctor never finish studying. As a young doctor, I noticed that the current medical system does not contemplate many of the most important pillars of health (nutrition, antiaging, childhood, mental health...) generalizing patients and patching up discomforts without looking for the real roots cause So I have given myself the task to learn in different parts of the world (Mexico, France & USA) various branches of health, ancient and modern, natural and alopath; in order to individualize and understand each of my patients. Taking into account all the social, physical, emotional and nutritional needs, thus being able to find the root of the remedies and heal at a deeper level. My interest, my curiosity and giving consultations to people from all around the world in different languages. range of perspective and nurture my practice, and to give the best care to my patients.



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Pillars of health


  • Eating clean: Reconnecting to our Food and Energy Sources

  • Optimal Hydration

  • Rest

  • Connect

  • Physical and mental practices

I recognize each and every one of us is individual and our personal healing journeys will be unique and relative to our lifestyle choices.

I believe in complementary medicine: Chinese medicine, naturopathic medicine, ayurvedic medicine, allopathic medicine, functional medicine, and mind-body medicine



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de consulta

Monday Friday

9:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.

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